Node Diff
Sanity check nodes across environments using crxde query service.
  • Using crxde query service paste JSON from http://host:port/crx/de/query.jsp?_charset_=utf-8&type=xpath&stmt=URL encoded query&showResults=true in each of the instance you want to see the diff. Click "Compare" to see the diff.Example query to get all page under geometrixx en
  • Similar existence of path are displayed in white. Missing paths at EP are displayed in Aqua. Missing paths at AP are displayed in light red.
  • Swap the contents of the text areas by clicking "Swap". Clear them by clicking "Clear"
  • After Compare. Filter the data using select box. More Details at
Inputs (Expected paths json (EP) / Actual paths json (AP))
Results of comparision
Path List Exist in EP Exist in AP