Osgi config comparison tool
Tool or technique to get a osgi config diff of two different aem installations.


The Contextual Configuration Diff Utility feature provides the ability to perform a osgi config comparison between aem instances (accessible through http://host:port/system/console/status-Configurations.txt) and generate a list of the differences between them. The generated output includes information about the following items:

  • Configuration changes with color coded that have been similar, added, modified, or deleted.
  • Smart logic to pick config field to compare the factory configs which has dynamic id in each instances.
  • Can override the Factory Mapping key used to compare Or define own key to consider for comparing factory config lists.
  • Easy Filtering & Search Capability
  • Client side implementation, Hence config is not transported over network.

Use Case

Helps for various scenario & to name a few
  • To validate the config changes at time of deployment of releases
  • To Find the difference & an missing configuration that was not included in deployments.
  • To Find the difference in behaviors between aem instance.
  • For quick enabling of changes in various aem releases as well with service packs and hotfix.
Thanks to Kunwarpreet Singh Saluja From Adobe for starting discussing this request.


  • Copy the status-Configurations from aem instancee at http://host:port/system/console/status-Configurations.txt
  • Find the difference using the tool